a song for August.

We are now in the latter half of August. These days, July, August, and maybe even June and September have been a series of intense heat and squalls, and since the song I introduced in July, I have been a little paralyzed by the feeling of wanting to deliver a song for each season, a song for summer. But, yes, there is a song that I wanted to introduce during the summer calendar.

Here’s ” the place where water is born”.

This song is not my original, but a song by a group called “Spacious,” which I join as a vocal, and this video is a live video of the members of the group. The sound of the wings of the “higgledy-piggledy” is very beautiful in this song.

「Spacious」 was originally a project that invited people to come to a space where live instruments were played to the sound of nature, so that they could actually feel the sound with their bodies. I was in charge of the vocals, or rather, the breatha d the voice . The other members of the group are all eminent sound experts, so I’m always so excited, and also half scared (💦).Once when I was introduced to the audience, I was told that I was in charge of “breath& voice”, which made me feel relieved and happy, so I’ve been calling myself “breath &voice” ever since.

In fact, I am also in charge of selecting the sounds of nature that will become the essence of the song. The sound of the this track was recorded in the path along the Hidaka River in Ryujin Village, Wakayama Prefecture. The water of the river and the sky through the pine trees were blue and clear, and I said to members , “Let’s make a piece of music that can recreate the clear beauty of this scenery in the space as it is. I’m in charge of breathing, so I just say what I want… lol.

The “higgledy-piggledy” is one of the sounds of nature that I love most throughout the year. These days, all the cicadas can be heard at the same time from around June, but when I was a little girl, I first heard the Chinese cicada, then the blue-eyed cicada, then the black-eyed cicada, then the mincing cicada. When I heard the Minmin-zemi, I knew it was the middle of summer, and when the Higurashi came into the mix, It meant it was in the latter half of summer. In the evening, I could hear this sound with the evening glow of the summer vacation, and it gave me a mixed impression of various feelings, such as the sadness of the end of the day when returning from a play or errand, or the quiet warmth of thinking about taking a bath when I got home.

I could feel the gradation of summer passing by on my skin with the sound of each cicada.

The environment is seriously changing drastically now, and I feel uneasy about how to deliver this beautiful nature to the future, but I will do what I can, one thing at a time.

May the sound of summer inside of you, the clear water, the sound of the trees swaying in the wind, the big sky and the clouds, and the sound of the cicadas’ wings be beautiful as you remember. May the nature outside of you now be also as beautiful and vibrant as it .