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Moon Chant
Japan, Thai, Myanmar, Tibet, North america, Africa...
Songs of gods I met in my journey .
When you find the moon there, 
it is always secret place for you 
with these songs.
2008. recorded in Tokyo.​
​Enjoy pure vibration of ancient spirits.

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Dear My Land
After big tsunami
in North Japan in 2011,

I felt like singing for the land, 
for mother earth.
for life on this planet
about love
as real prayers...
2012.recorded in Tokyo.
​It remained in the second round of selection for Grammy awards 57th.

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a collection of songs I've worked over the past few years, for TV show inserts and events.It turned out to be a pleasant EP. It also includes Kenji Miyazawa's "Hoshi Meguri no Uta" at the end.to Released  in September 2021.

All lyrics are in Japanese. 

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I have been invited to participate in Hiroki Okano's "BEYOND TEH DREAMSPHERE" for the 2022 edition of his "HELIO COMPASS" series, a spectacular tune that sets to music the movements of the celestial bodies during a year. Around June I have been improvising as the sign of water. Wonderful album that makes your heart clear when you listen to it. Here's the link.