a song for February

Here’s a song, which I love yout enjoy while it ‘s still winter.

” a song of touring stars” by Kenji Miyazawa.Kenji made this song for his young sister, who had been ill in her bed.He showed her beautiful stars in the sky, with this song.

I have sung this song many times in Amy concerts, and so on.The most memorable moment was when I sang to my aunt who was in hospice,hoping that she could feel the beautiful sky,
free from her body even for a while.
And the song took everyone there to the universe.
During this song dance, everyone was united as one.
I learned the power of the song, filled with love for Kenji to his sister.

This version was recorded during the stay home time last year.
Piano and cello are also beautiful, and I am grateful for that.
Please enjoy.