a song for May

Here are some songs that are perfect for the dazzling new greenery of May.
It was included in the comics image album “Tricolo” in 2008.
“Between Greens”

The song was inspired by reading this comic book about three funny
girls living together.

For your favorite everyday in this beautiful May, whatever happens.


A1)Between greens, Happiness is here for you and me

Between Jeans, Flowers’re falling around , I see

Between Scenes, Spring ‘s shining there for all of us, can you feel?

Oh my favorite every day!

A2)Between Dreams ,Softness is there for she and me

Between Queens, all other cards dance, I feel

Between peace, Spanky ‘s sparkling, cause we love it,let it be.

Oh my funny every day!

B1)While you’re singing&dancing under stars

I’ll make a lemon ginger from blue jar

And she ‘ll come up soon

from her room of gloom

we can get together and laugh and shoot the moon🌕

A1)repeat ×2

B2)While I’m cooking and eating grains of Mars

You can make an apple suger from the red jar

And I’will be tuned to the cherries of blooms

We can keep around even until the noon

A2) repeat

Oh my funny every day!

make sense or not, don’t worry (^ ^)