Thank you for coming to our Winter Concert”Hibiki no Uta”.

To all those who came to the Winter Concert “Hibiki no Uta”.

Thank you very much for coming to our concert in the busy season of the year. It was a pleasure to see you , and to share time and space with you!
This time we had the luxury of having the wonderful singers aYano and Saeko Suzuki join us in the chorus, and it was a great opportunity for me to try something I hadn’t wanted to do for a long time:

To layer voices is to layer hearts.
To put voices together, to go beyond the score, to listen to each other’s breaths and pauses and what they are feeling. As with any instrument, the voice requires a great deal of attention to detail, and there were times when I had to ask for a lot of help… but they were both willing to practice with me, and it was a valuable experience.

I had the impression that many of you listened to the music in a really deep way, and I thank you for that. The sound of the concert is deepened by the depth of the listeners. Everyone was really great. Thank you to all the support musicians, the chorus, the staff and everyone who came to listen.