omg…..! “Oyasumi” won the Best Sound Design Award in Munich.And series of “Spacious” are in the official selection of International Short Film Awards .

Following the making-of documentary, MV of “Oyasumi” became a winner in the Best Sound Design category at the Munich Music Video Awards!

And, MV series of “Spacious” , “Wakimizu~the first Spring water ~ “, “Kagamiike – the mirror pond ” ,and “Good Night – Lullaby of Flame” are officially selected for the International Short Film Awards 2021!
I’m looking forward to the next round.

It is so delightful to know that people from countries where we don’t speak the same language enjoy our voices as vibrations.
I also realized that the heart for forests and water is the same all over the world.

I couldn’t do the live concert or travel last year, but it brings new way of sharing music like this . Thank you very much💓