A music Gift from “Spacious” vol.1~autumn~

Here’s Music Gifts from “Spacious! ~Vol.1~

Spacious? Music Gifts?      Here's special website of this project.

Hello! from “Spacious” in Tokyo, Japan.

It’s really at the top of Autumn, here,now.

How have you been , this year?

Here’ s sound gift from us to everyone who live today together in this transition time on our planet. we would be happy ,if we could share some peaceful time with you for a moment.

Here’s Translation of the lyric

Swaying in the depths of the autumn mountains 
red and silver and gold and greenThis water , a mirror pondjust to reflect “You”is here for all times

Vibrating in the depths of the autumn nightthe insect wings and the stars and the moonThis water , a mirror pond just to reflect “Now”Come anytime you feel like to.

water and trees and clouds and windRed and silver and gold and green…