A improvisation , dedicated to a Tangerine Skirt① “Released”

I uploaded a video of my improvisational play with dancer Chieko Ito. When I watch the video ,after this happened, it looks as the two of us, but when I was singing, I felt like she is another me. I could see her in my eyes, but she was me. She must have felt the same way about me.

So, I think that this improvisation was something, an energy that wanted to appear, split into voice and dance, and appeared.

I actually love this kind of improvisational works, and it’s always like this with trees, breeze, water, birds, etc., but it’s been a long time since I’ve played with humans…Haha.. and it is nice. lovely.

~dedicated to a tangerine pink skirt~

A improvisation by Free dancer Chieko Ito & free singer Aco Takenaka

The tangerine pink skirt ✨is so free in the reflection of the fresh green 🌱✨ 🌿

April 30, 2021 @ Morino Studio

Here’s info of Chieko Ito