a song for July.

A song for July is this one.

words by Misuzu Kaneko, Japanese children’s poet (1903-1930) 

Music by Toshiyuki O’mori.

from my album “dear may land” released in 2012, dedicated to Japanese nature, after big Tsunami.

a every summer…lovely lovely song.I sing this, every summer…

I made this video , all by myself, including subtitles.hope you enjoy!

Recently, it is very painful to hear the news that mountains are being destroyed, oceans are being polluted, wild animals and animals that live with us are suffering badly, and life is not being valued. However, I feel hopeful that there was once a person who wrote such a poem, and that there are many people who love her poem. I want to create a culture that reminds us to cherish life again. It may be a big theme, but I want to do what I can, one thing at a time, little by little. That’s how I feel.