a song for October

Here’ s “The Mirror Pond”, calling all the autumn nature spirits to your home.

As soon as September started, the air quickly turned towards autumn this year.
The crispness of the air and sky, and the feeling that the wind sometimes stands up, are firmly advancing day by day, and I thought, “Oh my God, it’s going to be autumn just like that.. I feel like I haven’t said goodbye to summer.

This image was taken at the end of October last year, when autumn was a little more advanced than now, but I’m sure there may be places like this in the mountains already.

Ponds and lakes with the name “Mirror pond ” seem to be found all over Japan. When people found the water, they must have been impressed and called it “Mirror” . This video shows mirror Pond in Nagano Prefecture. It is near Togakushi. I was also moved by the clear water, the wind blowing across it, and the trees and clouds reflected on the surface of the water.

Because of the state of emergency has not ended, it is difficult to go far away from home, but I hope you will enjoy the feeling of traveling with this music.

The chorus of cicadas has resumed from time to time, and the bellbirds have joined in. It must be hard for the cicadas these days to read the change of seasons every year. Or do they have a sensor that can tell such things? I’m pedaling my bicycle, saying, “Hang in there, hang in there, I love you,” to the lives that are living here and there in the midst of the violent changes of seasons and typhoons. Please take care of yourself too ♫.

P.S. This video won the Music Design Award at the Munich Music Video Festival, and was a finalist at the European Short Film Festival. I guess it’s the same everywhere when you miss traveling and are attracted to forests and water!

In this video, the subtitles are still in Japanese.
But the English translation of the lyrics is as follows

The Mirror Pond

Swaying in the depths of the autumn mountains
 Red and silver and gold and green 

This water is a mirror pond
 Just to reflect You 
whatever happens , it's always here 

Echoing in the depths of the autumn night 
The wings of insects, the moon and the stars 

This water is a mirror pond 
Just to reflect  Now 
whenever you like,  come and look into 

water and trees ,clouds and breeze 
Red and silver , gold and green 
water and trees ,clouds and breeze 
Red and silver , gold and green 
water and trees ,clouds and breeze 
Red and silver , gold and green